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AR App will change the game in your industry

How Augmented Reality App works?

Client downloads your AR app


Your customer can download your fully bradned AR app from Google Play, iTunes Store or directly from your website.

User scans flat surface


Your app users have to scan a flat surface. It can be either horizontal or vertical. The app creates a map which then allows users to place 3D objects on it.

Click & Place


User click on a map created in order to place a 3D object. Your client can later use two fingers to resize the object (optional) or rotate it. Users can also change models in the menu.

Close your order


Your client can now see your product in real environment. User can then click on a button which will redirect to you website where he can place an order.

Check our Augmented Reality App in action

Check out the Augmented Reality App features:

AR app has your company name, icon, logo, colours.

Users can customize your products in the app - change colours, models, sizes, etc.

Users can rotate and move 3D models in order to adjust them to a landscape or buildings.

Your app can have a menu with models as well as external links to your website.

If you wish you can allow users to order a product that they currently see by clicking on a cart button.

Optional button for a snaphsot of current product in real environment. Users can then share or save it.

Easy website based CMS (Content Managment System) allows you to add/edit 3D models any time in your app.

Augmented Reality apps available for both iOS and Android

We can provide you with 3D models if needed for AR app but also for any other online materials or printing.

Optional marketing materials (animations or graphics) to convience your customers to download your AR app.